Young Buccaneers fans are feeling the beat and helping raise team spirit as the Bucs inch closer to the Super Bowl.

What You Need To Know

  • Jamerson Elementary students hope their support is helping Bucs

  • With win Sunday, Tampa Bay advances to the Super Bowl

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The Jamerson Elementary Jammers fire the cannons, drumming, chanting, cheering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on to victory.

Music Specialist Marie Hill hopes team support like this helps get the Bucs to the Super Bowl.

The Honor Society drum ensemble is made up of 48 fourth and fifth graders from Douglas Jamerson Elementary School in St. Petersburg.

"The idea is to get kids to concentrate, maintain their part," said Hill. "Maintain their part in the ensemble and be really a team player and listen. And so anytime we get something exciting that connects to the real world then I have their hearts in it, right?"

Connecting through music, the piece was written in 2013 and brought back when the Bucs won their way into the playoffs.

"It's got five different parts at the same time. It’s pretty complicated when you’re 11,” said Hill.

Some students participate in class, some participate virtually.

Every beat getting fans pumped for the Bucs.

Spectrum Bay News 9's Melissa Eichman sent the video clip to the Bucs and asked Hill what she thought the team's reaction would be to the drum ensemble piece.

'I think they’ll be thrilled," said Hill. "I mean this next generation of die-hard Buc fans, you should see campus, everybody’s wearing red.” 

The team did respond:

"Their performance was fantastic!" emailed Nelson Luis, Vice President of Communications for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"Those students and their teachers should be very proud of themselves. We really appreciate the support and feel the love as we continue preparing for our big game this weekend in Green Bay. They obviously put in a lot of hard work, just like our players are right now, and we sincerely appreciate their passion and support. Please pass along our regards," wrote Luis.

Hill says her students are excited to support the team and she is thrilled the music teaches life lessons.

"If a kid can hold on to their part in my drum ensemble there isn’t a test they can’t pass," said Hill. "It’s a concentration and it’s a belief in themself and so they attack life confidently because of being successful with this,” said Hill.

Students playing for a Super Bowl win, students playing for success.