Summer means hot weather and with the heat comes the use of air conditioning, especially in the car.

What You Need To Know

  • If your car’s A/C isn’t blowing cold air, you need a checkup

  • The air conditioning system removes the moisture from your car

  • Use recirculated button on days of poor air quality to keep out smoke and other irritants

Ever notice that when you run your car’s A/C, it doesn’t seem to get as cold as you would like it? If this is a common occurrence in your own automobile, it might be time to give your A/C a checkup.

How a car’s air conditioning system works

The air conditioner works by using a special refrigerant, like freon, to remove moisture from the inside air of your car and deposit it outside. As the moisture is removed, the blower motor resistor brings cool air into the cabin.

Dean Kliethermes, owner of Western Tire and Auto in St. Peters, Mo. says a simple solution to your car’s air conditioning problem could be as easy as needing more refrigerant.

He recommends getting an “A/C recharge” which tests the seals of your system and injects more refrigerant into the system if needed.

Recirculated air button

As for keeping comfortable during the summer heat, here’s a great tip. “Press the recirculated air button to get the most out of your A/C. It will continue to cool the inside air, rather than continuously draw in outside hot air to cool,” says Kliethermes.

He also recommends using the recirculated air button on days when the air quality is unhealthy.

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