EL PASO, Texas — Another mass migration caravan is headed north for the U.S. southern border.

Approximately 2,000 migrants began their journey in late March from Tapachula, Mexico, located on the Guatemala border. As of Monday, Spectrum News 1 has learned the group is headed to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, the sister city to El Paso, Texas.

The route shown above is from Voir Dire International., a Houston-based group that has been tracking mass migration events for the last few years. Caravan 35, dubbed the "Way of the Cross Migrants," is made up of men, women, children and family groups from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and 17 other countries, according to the trackers.

Some migrants are reportedly headed to Mexico City, Mexico, to access the CBP One App to get a scheduled appointment to enter the U.S. through one of the legal ports of entry. Others are headed to Juarez, Voir Dire International reports.