AUSTIN, Texas — Gov. Greg Abbott has butted heads with President Joe Biden’s administration too many times to count. He has denounced various policies that Biden has pushed through. One of Abbott’s biggest gripes is Biden’s immigration policy.

Abbott on Wednesday declared an “invasion” at the Texas-Mexico border because of the number of illegal migrant crossings. He has sent more officers to the border to prevent crossings into Texas.

Eagle Pass recently received a great load of migrants that overwhelmed city officials. Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas Jr. on Tuesday issued an emergency declaration as thousands of migrants entered the border town.

The Texas governor has tried many efforts to get immigration under control. He launched Operation Lone Star in March 2021 to respond to the rise in illegal immigration. He’s bused migrants to Democrat-led cities  — including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington — to take the load off Texas. And in July, Abbott deployed workers out to the Rio Grande River to install floating barrier buoys to curb immigration, which has been embroiled in a federal lawsuit.

Even the CEO of Tesla’s headquarters in Austin, Elon Musk, chimed in on the subject.

On Wednesday night, Abbott posted a video on his social media claiming that the Biden administration cut the razor wire in Eagle Pass that was in place to deter illegal immigration. Along with his deployment of more guards to protect the border, he also said that they’d be installing more razor wires.

According to reports, immigration lawyer Kate Lincoln Goldfinch, who has publicly made her dislike for Abbott known, disputes his claims of an "invasion." She calls it "inaccurate" and "dangerous." Goldfinch said Abbott is just using that verbiage to solidify his position in the legal fight to keep the border buoys. By calling the influx of immigrations an "invasion," the U.S. Constitution could allow the state to enforce federal immigration laws. 

The legal battle between the Biden administration and Abbott continues over whether the buoys are illegal and harmful to people. Abbott holds on to the belief that Biden has not helped to secure the border, leaving Texas to fend for itself.