AUSTIN, Texas — Rhodney Williams is a retired school teacher with a passion for helping others in Central Texas.

He’s an active volunteer with the Austin Ghost Bike Project, a volunteer-based group that places and maintains white bikes to memorialize cyclist who were fatally struck on the roadways.

“It always puts me in a solemn mood, like you’re about to walk up to something that represents the death of someone,” said Williams.

Williams showed us what goes into creating a ‘Ghost Bike’, everything from stripping an old bike down, removing tires, and painting them white. He believes placing the Ghost Bikes near or around the crash site will act as a visible reminder, putting a face to the fatality. 

A 'Ghost Bike' in Austin. (Spectrum News 1)

“This one really registers with me. It’s a fellow my age. He was probably in better shape than I am, but he was off on a venture riding a bike,” said Williams.

Williams reflected on placing a Ghost Bike for Keith Culver near E. Stassney road. According to the Austin Police Department, 73-year-old Culver was the victim of a hit and run back in March of this year. Earlier this month, friends of Culver announced a $50,000 reward for anyone who may have information on Culver’s accident.

Kathy Sokolic is a member of Safe Streets Austin, a movement to transform Austin’s streets, bikeways and trails into safe areas for pedestrians, cyclist and even drivers.

“This is one of the most preventable ways people die in the state of Texas. 10 people will die on Texas roads today. That’s at least ten families that are affected,” said Sokolic.

Texas remains one of the most dangerous states for cyclist killed, with around 60 deaths a year. Williams and the Austin Ghost Bike Project, hopes the white bikes will become symbols of awareness, ultimately reminding everyone who passes that ‘Ghost Bikes’ are real.