AUSTIN, Texas — Despite the Austin-Travis County region last week moving into Stage 2 COVID risk-based guidelines, the South by Southwest festival will continue its requirements of proof of vaccination or a negative to pick up and maintain credentials.

SXSW will accept all vaccines approved by the CDC for travel to the U.S. People who are taking a COVID test must test within 72 hours of picking up their credentials, and they also have a seven-day interval for required retesting.

There will be a free testing center available at the Austin Convention Center, as well as pop up testing centers throughout the event.

Mandatory masking will still be implemented in all conference rooms and exhibitions and other events where the venues require them.

Staff and volunteers must still adhere to the Health Pledge, which states that they will practice respiratory etiquette when masks are not required, follow SXSW’s COVID-19 mitigation protocols, exercise good hygiene and not attend if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms.​