AUSTIN, Texas — Jasmine Crockett told constituents she was ready to carry the torch following Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson’s (U.S. 30) announcement to retire. And after Tuesday’s March 1 primary election, she’s one step closer to keeping the flame lit.

“I truly believe what God has for you is for you and I truly feel like my steps have been ordered and this is a part of my journey,” said Crockett in an interview with Spectrum News 1 prior to the polls closing. “And so I’m just excited to see what happens.”

Crockett, who earned the endorsement of Johnson and other notables like U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Rev. Al Sharpton and The Dallas Morning News, ran alongside eight other Democratic hopefuls---Arthur Dixon, Jane Hope Hamilton, Vonciel Jones Hill, Barbara Mallory Caraway, Jessica Mason, Abel Mulugheta, Roy Williams Jr., and Keisha Williams-Lankford. James "J. Frank" Harris, Lizbeth Diaz, James Rodgers, Kelvin Goodwin-Castillo, Dakinya "Kinya" Jefferson and Angeigh J. Roc'Ellerpitts were on the Republican ticket. Throughout the night, Crockett remained in the lead with more than 40% as votes continued to be counted. 

“If I have to go to a runoff, I will go to a runoff,” Crockett said. “But, I feel very confident that there is not a question about who’s going to come out on top.”

Early on Crockett made it known that she was running on a campaign geared towards voting rights, worker’s rights, reproductive justice, immigration, criminal justice, environmental justice, equality and civil rights, healthcare, education and restoring balance to the judiciary.

Prior to stepping into the political arena, Crockett served as a civil rights attorney. She was elected to the statehouse in 2020 where she represented District 100. The freshman lawmaker made waves lobbying for federal protection for women’s reproductive rights and by being one of the founding members of the Texas Progressive Caucus. Crockett was also one of the Democrats who left for D.C. last summer in protest of the Republicans’ priority elections bill.

Crockett’s endorsement from Rep. Johnson, 85, comes after her 15 terms in office. Currently, Johnson chairs the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology and serves as the dean of Texas delegation. Johnson made history as the first Black women to ever be elected to public office in Dallas when she won a state house seat in 1972. Then she made history as the first registered nurse to serve in Congress. To date, she’s the longest-serving member of Congress from Texas not to mention among the most senior members of Congress.

“I was convinced she was interested in the work, she had a good record, she has good leadership skills, she knows how to work across the aisles and she’s the only one in this entire group that actually has a record of achievement,” said Rep. Johnson during Crockett’s watch night party as her reason for endorsing her.

Crockett’s decision to run for Congress opens up her seat in the House for District 100, which will remain blue as no Republicans entered the race. Daniel Davis Clayton, Sandra Crenshaw, Marquis Hawkins and Venton C. Jones are vying for the spot.