TEXAS — A new dessert is on the menu for those flying American Airlines.

Silver Spoon Desserts are now available when you fly the Fort Worth-based airline. These tiny Bundt cakes are created by Tamara Turner, who started baking in her own home in Aurora, Illinois.

While working two and a half jobs, attending school full time and taking care of her kids, Turner continued to pursue her passion of baking. Last year she had the opportunity to share that passion with the CEO of American Airlines, and now she gets to share it with the airline’s many customers.

Silver Spoon represents transformation, equality and freedom for all, according to Turner. She wants to develop economic stability for all people, especially single moms. Turner has now expanded her love for baking into her very own 16,000-square-foot facility in Chicago, where she hires single mothers and pays them living wages, as she know from being one herself the needs that had to be met.

Turner’s business will have other partners and mentors throughout the community to provide her employees with aid to become more stable economically.

Those flying in the domestic premium cabins between 900 and 1,499 miles will be able to indulge in Turner’s desserts.