AUSTIN, Texas — Texas artist Bunny Voodoo lives on the dark side. Her home is decorated with skulls and skeletons. Voodoo takes ordinary objects and makes them goth and gory!

“I like to evilize thrift store finds or at least make them goth, something I’d like to put in my house,” said Voodoo.

She heads up the annual event called Horror for the Holidays. It's where folks can Christmas shop for that die-hard horror fan. Voodoo’s hankering for horror began years ago.

“I think like most horror fans it always starts with a movie. My first one was 'Trilogy of Terror,' and then it just sort of went on from there, ” said Voodoo.

She also keeps a collection of curiosities in her living room.

“Got a little baby duckling, some butterflies, nature, this is my cat’s whiskers, ” she said. 

She also has an art piece based on a nightmare she had as a child.

 “I won’t go into a long story but it ended with the teachers all lined up with their heads between their legs. I don’t know why I dreamed that. I wasn’t even watching horror movies at that time!” she said. 

Voodoo says her love of gore and goth is also about community: like-minded people sharing the same passion. She says it's about surrounding yourself with the things you love, even if those things are found on the dark side.