WEATHERFORD, Texas — Baker’s Ribs in Weatherford, Texas, offers a prayer box and free Bibles in their entryway to ensure customers not only feed their body, but their soul.  

Deborah Camp started Debra Camp Ministries in Weatherford nine months ago. She frequents Baker's ribs in Weatherford, because it’s not your average barbecue shop. Camp is thankful for the BBQ shop. 

“Oh my goodness, you know, it's always great to have somebody that's in your ditch rooting for you and cheering you on, everybody wants that,” Camp states. 

As she eats her usual smoked turkey, and she's thankful that she now does ministry full time. Since the beginning she has been supported by the owners of Baker’s Ribs, Brian and Deeanna Krier. The owners pray over their customers frequently. 

Baker's Ribs owners Deeanna and Brian Krier. (Spectrum News 1/Robin Richardson)

"We pray for the right customers to come in,” Deeanna Krier states. "Years ago, one of those customers was Debra and together they share in their faith and are able to strengthen each other through prayer. 

"The joys in the journey for sure,” Debra states. Now Debra is able to pursue her calling of preaching back to others, continuing the chain that Baker's started.

Deeanna and Debra reach for hugs. (Spectrum News 1/Robin Richardson)