TAMPA, Fla. — On Thursday, the State of Florida will present its case to a federal judge to block the CDC’s restrictions on cruise ships, all as industry giants like, Royal Caribbean, announce plans to set sail from Florida ports in the coming weeks.

The state is challenging the so called “Vaccine Passports,” where the federal government has said cruises can set sail again, but passengers must prove they’ve received their Covid vaccine.

What You Need To Know

The judge could decide whether the CDC restrictions will be lifted immediately after the State and CDC weren’t able to reach an agreement on their own in mediation.

Gov. Ron Desantis said he signed the Vaccine Passport ban to protect Floridians rights to medical privacy, and the current CDC requirements for the cruise industry violate that law.

Spectrum Bay News 9 legal expert, Attorney Kevin Hayslett, said this is a classic case of Federal Government vs. State Government, but this time, he said the State doesn’t have as good of an argument because cruises don’t just stay in state waters.

“When it goes into international waters, we, the United States government, we have authority over federal government and federal waters, and you're going to come and go through state waters, but ultimately we're here to ensure the safety of the constituents of the entire country, not just the state of Florida,” said Hayslett.