LAKE BALBOA, Calif. - For a select few, the art of baking just comes easily. 

That's the story for Karla and Miredys Peguero, two sisters who are the proud owners of Cake Bash Studio and Bakery in Lake Balboa. 

A family-owned business was the perfect opportunity for the dynamic duo, who find their strengths on opposite ends of the business spectrum. 

“For me, [baking] was something that came in my blood really," Karla explained. "I have pictures of me with my mom baking in the kitchen."

Miredys, on the other hand, was never the baker of the family. 

"I always say that I was the official taster," Miredys said with a smile. "I’m not the one to be in the kitchen, that’s not my area.”

That's why they compliment each other so well. Don't believe me, check out their designs. 

Their treats are colorful, loud, and infused by their Puerto Rican heritage. With hundreds of other bakeries in Southern California, their cakes may stand out, but they aren't the only things that make Cake Bash unique — the bakery started out as a YouTube Channel. 

A few years ago, Miredys encouraged Karla to move to California from Puerto Rico and pursue her dreams. 

"I was like, 'What are you doing in Puerto Rico, come?'" she said. "We can make it happen here. One way, let’s make it happen.”

Karla's first interview in SoCal was with a YouTuber. She may not have gotten the job, but she was inspired. 

"My eyes just opened to this world I didn’t have any clue that you can have a career in YouTube and making videos," Karla said. 

Three years later, Cake Bash's channel has over 125,00 subscribers and some videos reaching seven million views. 

In a social media driven economy, the channel has helped boost the bakery as a whole. 

“We see a lot of Cake Bosses and Ace of Cakes, but we don’t see a lot of women, a lot of Latina women, a lot of black Latina women in the industry," Karla said. 

It's also helped them to create a brand, one that goes beyond YouTube, beyond the bakery and into the community that surrounds them.