It’s the latest pop-up restaurant in the San Fernando Valley serving up Nashville Hot Chicken with a name that's turning heads as much as its food.

Located right next to the Woodman offramp from the 101 Freeway, if the car wash location doesn't surprise you, the name might.

"They might drive by it the first time, thinking it’s like a company party or a private event," said George Galajian, one of the founders of the family-run operation.

"They figure out that we were actually Hot Motha Clucker."

The pop-up was launched in January, renting out space in the parking lot of the Fashion Square Car Wash. 

"We were actually holding fry parties at my house and a couple of the other founders’ houses, and the hype just started to build and grow," he said.

The pop-up is only open at night, Thursday through Monday, and does most of its outreach on Instagram. But it’s Hot Motha Clucker's perfect score on Yelp that first drew the attention of Byron Wagner. 

"I’ve been to 'Gus’s' and I’ve been to Nashville, and this is absolutely as good or better than most of them," said Wagner, who lives in Sherman Oaks.

Galajian says their best seller is the Loaded Tender Fries.

"It’s french fries, melted cheese, more fries on top, chopped up chicken tenders, our sauce, pickles and coleslaw on the side. It’s a really fun eat."

They also like to add honey and cheese to the chicken, which they call a "doozy." Once guests pick their dish, it’s time to choose a spice level.

"No heat, mild, medium, hot, clucked up," Galajian said.

And with a trend as hot as their chicken, they hope getting customers "clucked up" will keep them coming back.

Hot Motha Clucker is open Thursday-Monday from 7pm-12a.