SAN ANTONIO — It's only the beginning of baby season, when wildlife is having their young.

  • Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation needs donations
  • 60th birthday donation request
  • Donations help rescued wildlife

"What happens once they have their babies is the tragedy," said Lynn Cuny of Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation. "Because so many of them are in urban areas like this one and when people come into the picture the wildlife suffer."

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation is looking for support. And that's exactly what Christine Doebbler is asking for her 60th birthday.

"Her idea for her birthday was to have all of her tribe and her friends get together and purchase gifts for Wildlife Rescue," said donor Sue Denisio.

It's gifts like q-tips, paper towels, brooms, food, and donations that help save animal lives. And it's times like these that bring friends even closer.

"Life hands you what it hands you. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, and so we are all supportive of each other and no matter what it is we celebrate together. We cry together and we do things that make it all worthwhile," said Doebbler.

The donations will help the rescued native species get back into the wild.

"Think about being compassionate. Think about how these animals are trying their damndest to exist alongside of us who have taken over their world," said Cuny. "And be compassionate, be caring, don't just think of yourself, think of them.