SAN ANTONIO — The city is working to better the appearance of businesses on the East Side of town by funding facade makeovers with the help of a local nonprofit.

One of the recipients of those upgrades is Ross Hair Salon, a staple in the East Side community. For owner Eva Saucedo, the salon is more than just work. The salon represents her community, connection and the magic of making people feel better about themselves.

“Oh, I just like to see the transformation from before and after,” said Saucedo.

Ross Hair Salon is nestled on the East Side of San Antonio in historic Government Hill.

“Like I said, we were born and raised here. My father was born and raised here. So this is all we know,” said Saucedo.

Her family hasn’t left either. They all live within a couple blocks of the salon that she spends day in and day out in.

“I have a niece, two nieces that live right down the street - my son, my daughters,” said Saucedo.

Growing up, her brother ran the paper route. Her mother then took over. Then, Saucedo threw the papers herself to her East Side neighbors, many of whom she still serves today.

“It’s an inspiration to have those people that we would throw the paper to, come and be our clients here on the East Side. So it’s really nice to give back to the community in that sense,” said Saucedo.

Her salon has moved locations a couple times and always needed a little something extra to make it stand out. She was awarded a grant from a city partnership to do just that.

“They helped us with our facade on the outside. They helped us with our landscape,” said Saucedo.

The grant program designed to help elevate the facade of businesses across the East Side seemed too good to be true. But it wasn’t.

“And the process was really, really easy. There’s no catch,” said Saucedo.

With the help of an organization called SAGE, or San Antonio for Growth on the East Side, Ross Hair Salon got new paint and much more — landscaping, plants and a sidewalk.

“The entire East Side is so historic, so rich in culture. And we want to just ensure that we have the liveliness to grow businesses,” added Saucedo.

The East Side is changing. People are moving in and upping property value. But Saucedo said the rejuvenation is welcomed.

“Oh, I think it’s amazing. You see the transformation driving by,” said Saucedo.