AUSTIN, Texas — Trans and non-binary Americans are expected to be the focal point of a health care service with plans to address disparities they face at the hands of medical professionals.

Data from the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey, one of the most comprehensive surveys of transgender people to date, found that 33% of trans and non-binary Americans had at least one negative experience at the doctor’s office. Additionally, 23% reported not seeing a doctor at all from fear of being mistreated for identifying as trans.

With the social landscape changing, more health care services are being designed to address these disparities.

Alex Guerra works for Plume, a company that aims to connect trans and non-binary Americans with critical health care resources like gender-affirming treatments.

“Where I got this job was through my TikToks and Instagrams. Plume just reached out to me, and here I am,” he said.

It’s there Guerra says he’s found a new purpose — helping to normalize the delicate gender journey for as many people as possible. He says services like these would've made a significant impact years ago.

“I think I would have started my transition a lot sooner,” he said.

Plume isn't yet available nationwide, but Guerra says there are plans to expand the service and help as many people as possible.