SAN ANTONIO — Kathy Courtney claims she is an energy healer and psychic medium. COVID-19 is keeping her busy, people have been coming to her for relief of stress from the isolation.  

"People are very stressed out, lots of depression. These people are missing their families, people have loss jobs, so there's a lot of stress there," Courtney said.

Her client, Julie Martinez, received an energy session, also called Reiki energy healing, along with a psychic reading from Courtney. Shes' had a traumatic past, and Courtney Picked up on that from the start. Courtney points out certain energy spots, or Chakra, in the body. She says concentrating on these points helps to clear emotional blocks, physcial pain, reduce iinsomnia, and help reduce anxiety. 

"It's a hands on treatment. It's non-manipulive so it's not a massage," Courtney said.

Martinez says this treatment works for her.

"When I laid on my back, I just felt this feeling of motherly love, and I just started crying,” she said.

After the energy healing session Courtney sits with her clients for a psychic reading stating that their loved ones send messages through her, but she says she does all of this for her clients hoping to bring them relief.