Mimi Haruna is a producer and multi-media journalist for In Focus Texas. She joined Spectrum in July 2017. It’s a role that perfectly blends her two passions: storytelling and content creation. 

Mimi graduated from the State University of New York at Oswego with a degree in broadcasting and mass communications. Her experiences allowed Mimi to land her dream job at Spectrum. During her time here, Mimi has shot, written, edited, and produced segments for various news shows. 

The most meaningful stories she has covered were about Hurricane Harvey and the Austin bomber. Both of these events were tragic in different ways, but she felt the resilience of Texans was inspiring. She also loves to tell stories about everyday people who are making a significant impact in their community.

When Mimi is not in the newsroom, you can find her kayaking at Lady Bird Lake or having a picnic with friends at Zilker Park. 

Since moving to Texas from New York, she realized southern hospitality wasn’t just a myth but a reality she could definitely get used to experiencing.