SAN ANTONIO - The Menchaca Early Childhood Center is lauded for its technological capabilities that give Pre-K and Kindergartners access that otherwise wouldn't be available.

  • Program is basically yoga for kids
  • Helps students in a variety of ways

But it's not all about the cyber side of learning.

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The Mindful Movement program is basically yoga for kids, and it helps students in a variety of ways.

"The purpose of it was to make sure we were meeting the social/emotional needs of our kids," said Principal Rebecca Herrera.

The children do the poses, and work on their breathing in a lesson that is tailored to them. Lisa Veraza is the instructor for the class, which takes place on Mondays at the school, and she sets up the "lessons" herself.

"Teaching them how to control their body helps them control their mind, and their breath, and their thoughts. It all flows together," said Veraza.

The best part of the Mindful Movement program is that it can be done anywhere. The classroom, the home, or any place where a child might just need to take a break any regroup.

"We don't always know what's happening at home, so if we can give them the tools on how to relax, how to breathe, how to be a better person, they'll have those," said Herrera.

"They don't have any idea what's going on. They know that they feel better, that they're happier when they're done, and they really get to make choices and feel self-sufficient," Veraza said.

Young kids sit in a yoga class (Spectrum News)