SAN ANTONIO — It's the gem of Southside ISD. 

  • Center has 746 students
  • We’ll tell their stories this spring

The Menchaca Early Childhood Center opened in August of 2018, sporting a technology-based education for pre-K and kindergarten kids in the district.

Today, the school has 746 students.

We will be spending a semester telling the students’ and teachers’ stories. We will highlight what makes Menchaca a special place that many of these children might never have had the chance to experience.

We kick off the series by introducing you to principal Rebecca Herrera, who will also be our lead voice throughout the next few months.  She is passionate, resilient, tough, and the perfect person to make sure these kids and their southside families are getting their needs met.

"My motto going into this was, 'go big or go bigger.'" said Herrera.

Each episode of the series will air on Spectrum News on Thursdays and can be seen on our website.