AUSTIN, Texas -- - It was a trek that took nearly two months and covered almost 1,000 miles, but now Mike Hull of Austin is back in the Capital City. 

Hull embarked on an almost unimaginable journey: he walked nearly the entire length of the Texas-Mexico border. His reason: to see for himself what exactly is going on at the border amid an immigration fight and the president's push to build a wall.   

"I kept hearing about the border, and the border I kept hearing about on the national news, is not the border I knew," said Hull. 

Considering President Donald Trump's controversial immigration policies, Hull thought he might come across violence, tent camps or caravans of immigrants. He says instead he came across strangers offering him shelter, food and of course, coffee. 

Hull documented his journey on social media and got the attention of Border Patrol officers, two of whom came across him on his trek. 

"So here's a lone guy out walking, the winds blowing, it's cold, we can see our breath. So we decided to stop, see how he's doing, see if he needs any assistance, and low and behold, we meet Mike Hull," said Officer Daniel Bryant. 

Hull carried a pack with only the necessities on his 994-mile journey, and even though he endured a stress fracture in his foot, he says he'd do the whole trip over again.