SAN ANTONIO — Selby Draker has come a long way to where she is now, a senior captain of the Brandeis High School volleyball team.

“Coming in my freshman year I was like wow, this is my time in high school and I got put in my place very quickly,” Draker said.

Over the years, she has earned her place as one of the best players on the team, and someone the other girls looked up to.

“She’s always been fully bought into Brandeis volleyball and the way things are done,” said Brandeis coach Maddie Williams.

This season, Draker helped the Broncos to a second-place finish in district and a trip to the 6A playoffs. Next year she plans to play in college at Texas A&M Kingsville.

“I think that is what’s near, watching her journey and the coaches that have seen her journey. It’s nice to see her excelling in her senior year,” said Williams.

Off the court, Draker is taking challenging classes while maintaining a 3.7 GPA. She is a part of the National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and has a real passion for volunteering with special needs kids.

“I think their positivity is so inspirational. They face so many hardships and you walk into the room and they are dancing and smiling. You could have the worst day, walk into the room and it’s the best day of your life,” Draker explained.

Her combination of talent and big heart, makes Selby Draker our San Antonio Scholar Athlete of the Month.


The Spectrum News Scholar Athlete Program recognizes exceptional public high school student athletes with academic scholarship awards of $1,000 each for use towards college expenses. Nominees must be high school seniors enrolled at public and private high schools within the Spectrum News viewing area in Texas in order to be considered.

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