SAN ANTONIO -- Hundreds of volunteers from the Calvary Chapel of San Antonio are spending their weekend giving back to people facing homelessness. 

  • Calvary Chapel of San Antonio held event
  • 21st annual 'Joy of Jesus' outreach program
  • Provided bikes, clothes, food, and free healthcare

The 21st annual "Joy of Jesus" outreach program is uplifting thousands of people with free services. Christina Weiss has been living on and off the streets of San Antonio for the past year.

"I got a haircut, I’ve been dancing and I just won a bike. We don’t get the service’s that we need you know. We need this,” said Weiss.

The church outreach mission provided bikes, clothes, food, free healthcare, and hygiene services for more than 1,000 people in attendance. 

"To see people using the gifts that God had given them, and to minister to others just thrills my heart," said Ron Arbaugh, pastor of Calvary Chapel.

Arbaugh's congregation of more than 500 volunteers used their helpful hands by offering free haircuts, manicures, bike repairs and makeovers to ease the burden of those living on the edge. From free health screenings, where people are able to speak with a doctor, to intricate detailed massages. Many people facing homelessness were being pampered for once.

"I feel like I’m alone and now I know that I’m not alone," said Weiss. 

For volunteers like Sandra Shaw, who have spent months in a warehouse sorting clothes, Saturday's day of service is rewarding to not only those who receive, but those who also give.

"A lot of these homeless or less fortunate folks have never been hugged, or had someone even talk to them, so what we get to do today here is a lot of just basically come and have fun doing this, but get to know them, shake their hand," said Shaw.

​When the annual event kicked off 21 years ago, about 30 people attended. Twenty-one years later, that attendance number has skyrocketed.