SAN ANTONIO – An invasive species of geese will not be removed from Mission Reach despite the damage they are causing to the natural habitat.

  • Invasive geese at Mission Reach
  • Damaging natural habitat
  • San Antonio River Authority plan changed

The San Antonio River Authority decided not to move forward with plans to remove the Egyptian Geese that have settled on the Mission Reach trail.

In a statement, officials apologized to the community for initially deciding to remove the geese without an internal or external discussion. The River Authority will now conduct an extended review of how to handle the geese.

The next steps will include seeking public input and acquiring avian experts to devise a fully vetted plan. The plan will focus around conserving and managing the Egyptian Geese while protecting the surrounding ecosystem.

Egyptian Geese:

According to the website Birds of North America, Egyptian Geese are native to sub-Saharan Africa. Considered an exotic species in North America, the geese pose concerns over economic, ecological, and social impacts.

In Africa, the geese are deemed pests as they eat farmers’ crops and take over golf courses. Since 1967, Egyptian Geese have popped up in Texas, Florida, and California.

Statement from San Antonio River Authority:

"The San Antonio River Authority will not be moving forward on removal of Egyptian Geese from the Mission Reach. In this case, our zeal to effectively manage this invasive species and the damage they are causing to the restored natural habitat moved forward without the proper internal and external discussion. We apologize to the community for this misstep in our internal process. We will be conducting an extended review of this situation – which will include gathering public input and convening avian experts and other interested stakeholders – to devise a fully vetted plan for the conservation and management of the Egyptian Geese that properly addresses the protection of our ecosystem."