SAN ANTONIO - Thousands of children in the Lone Star State are waiting to be placed in permanent homes, and during the month of May, advocates take time to raise special awareness for children in foster care.

  • May is National Foster Care Awareness Month
  • SJRC cares for 100 children a day in San Antonio

Becky Schmidt is a teacher and a foster parent. She has four foster children living in her home.

"In fact I bought my house knowing that two rooms would be kids’ rooms eventually," she said.

She got her license in January 2018.

"I've known since high school that I wanted to foster. My plan has always been to foster to adopt. I think everyone can make room in some way," she said.

Schmidt is a foster parent with Saint Jude's Ranch for Children, or SJRC Texas.

"In Texas we have over 3,000 children who are currently looking for their forever home so there's a great need not only for foster parents but foster to adopt parents," said Rachel Powers, with SJRC Texas.

In San Antonio alone, SJRC cares for 100 children a day at three different programs and locations in South and Central Texas. With Mother's Day right around the corner, Becky is feeling thankful and hoping to make this placement permanent.

"Lot's of people could do this. Not everybody has to take on three or four kids, because I know that's a lot. I didn't need to have children be mine biologically in order to love them so it's an addition to my family. They have become my family," she said.

For more information, visit the SJRC Texas Website.