SAN ANTONIO - A San Antonio Democrat is pushing a bill that would require the state to study whether President Donald Trump’s long-promised border wall would increase flooding in South Texas.

  • Rep. Roland Gutierrez filed HB 990
  • Would require how wall could impact storm drainage in Rio Grande floodplain

Rep. Roland Gutierrez, D-San Antonio, filed HB 990. It would require the Texas Water Development Board and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to study how a wall could potentially impact storm drainage in the Rio Grande floodplain, which has recently experienced devastating flooding.

Gutierrez says he’s asking for Texas agencies to do their part to make sure that Texans are protected.

“We can’t have agencies who are trying to vie for the administration. They need to vie for the American public, the Texas public,” Gutierrez said. “We need to make sure that as Texas lawmakers we are doing our part to protect Texas property owners.”

Click the video link above to watch the full interview with Gutierrez, including his ideas for what he calls environmentally-friendly solutions in place of a wall. He also weighs in on the Legislature’s push to pump more money into public education.