SAN ANTONIO -- Eight puppies are healthy again after suffering from parvovirus.   

Friday, San Antonio Pets Alive revealed they were treating 19 puppies who had contracted the fatal disease.

By Sunday, the number had gone down to only 11 puppies. Parvovirus is highly contagious and deadly if not treated. Recent flooding in Central Texas has made it more prevalent this past month. It cost nearly $500 for the clinic to treat an infected puppy.

The organization is currently looking for donations and volunteers.

Here’s how the donations help:

  • $1,300 buys an IV pump
  • $500 treats one parvo puppy completely
  • $100 buys one vial of anti-nausea medicine
  • $70 purchases a box of Lactated Ringers (electrolyte injection bags that hook up to IVs) 
  • $40 buys a case of IV antibiotic
  • $25 buys a half case of syringes
  • $1 buys a single IV catheter