TEXAS – Getting sober can be tough, but staying sober can be even tougher, according to a Texas mother.

In 2014, Donna Connell lost her son Jordan to an overdose. Today, her other son is overcoming a relapse.

Connell said addiction can affect anyone and the best way to stay sober is to meet others also going through recovery.

For addicts it's hard to socialize due to the stigma, according to Connell. When addicts become isolated that is when a relapse could happen.

The mother said there are warning signs to keep an eye out for to help recovering addicts keep from relapsing.

“A red flag for me was when the phone calls quit coming and they were harder to reach and they didn’t show interest in coming to visit,” said Connell.

For answers about opioid addiction and treatment guidance call the Opiate Hotline at 1-888-784-6641.

“Don’t try to do it on your own and don’t feel alone,” said Connell. "Don’t ever feel alone. There are places that are there to help you to give you support.”