SAN ANTONIO – Project Prom Dress San Antonio is giving adults a second chance at prom in the hopes of helping current high school students enjoy theirs for the first time.

The first annual Adult Prom is on Friday, July 13.

"I felt the time was right and just giving folks an opportunity at a second chance," said Ashley Johnson of Project Prom Dress SA.

The local organization offers high school students access to formal attire and accessories for the big night. They have even begun accepting donations for men’s' suits.

"I had this long black dress and silver earrings," said MyKayla Swindells an East Central student.

Swindells is one of at least 200 students who have shopped the organization's closet since opening four years ago. Project Prom Dress recently opened a new space for their inventory across from Thomas Jefferson High School.

"I think everyone should have the opportunity to go at least once," Swindells said.

With the organization's first prom taking place, Johnson hopes to raise enough money to help more students attend their own proms with confidence.

"A lot of families are single parent. My mother was a single parent. I had to work a part time job to get all of my things for prom so it just alleviates that stress on them," Johnson said.

The event begins at 7:30 p.m. at Blue Star Arts Complex. For more information on tickets, you can visit the website.