SAN ANTONIO – A group of complete strangers stepped in to help local veterans and put a smile on their faces.

This Fourth of July a decorated member of the Armed Forces, 83-year-old Felix Calderon, is smiling once again thanks to the generosity of a dedicated dentist. Calderon is a decorated war veteran who served both in the Army and Navy.

“I feel like I got all my teeth back. You know, it just, it feels great,” said Calderon.

When San Antonio dentist Jason Kboudi, with Advanced Smile Care, first learned about Felix Calderon’s dental struggles he knew he needed to help. The veteran was missing teeth and had trouble eating.

“If I had to chew on something a little bit hard it would hurt,” said Calderon.

Kboudi and Calderon first met during Dentistry from the Heart, an annual free day of dental care. The dentist said veterans deserve everything we can give them.

“Access to care is really difficult. We see VA patients here who just can’t get in at the VA hospital,” Kboudi said. “As somebody who fought in the Vietnam and Korean Wars, I said, you know, we really appreciate our veterans – our men and women of the armed forces. And I said, you know what – we’re going to do a little bit more for you.”

It had been years since Calderon’s wife Dominga has seen him with all of his pearly whites. Now, Calderon said they can both enjoy their favorite foods together.