SAN ANTONIO – As the migrant crisis continues, a small church in San Antonio is helping out immigrants in need.

A South Side San Antonio Mennonite Church acts out of the spotlight, going mostly unnoticed. The church, led by Pastor John Garland, has been working with Central Americans seeking asylum for years.

As images of children being separated from their families surfaced, Garland went to the Texas border to witness the crisis himself. There he found border patrol agents on an international bridge between Mexico and the U.S., blocking the path for immigrants said to be seeking asylum.

"And they're stuck there and they're unable to legally ask for asylum because they can't get to the end of the bridge," said Garland.

Garland shared the story of a mother, with her two small children, who had been stuck on the border bridge for eight days unable to cross. The woman told the pastor that her husband had been killed on their journey north.

In San Antonio the church is busy, offering refugees basic resources like food, water, shelter and legal aid. The pastor said today, he is foraging a coalition of churches together, in light of what he is witnessing on the border.

Garland said at the top of their agenda is to stop the federal government from ripping children away from their mothers.

“Family separation is wrong. And family separation cannot continue. We have to stop family separation,” said Garland.

Pastor Garland said he plans to travel into Mexico to develop relationships with churches there, offering refuge to the migrants.

He is looking for help and does want the public's attention.

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