SAN MARCOS, Texas – Texas State police are investigating after a white nationalist flag was found on the side of the Alkek Library, which is located on the campus of Texas State University.

The flag is promoting a link to the,  a website which promotes white supremacy. A picture of the flag hanging on the library was tweeted out by a student earlier Monday morning.

Texas State police are asking anyone who has information to please contact them at (512)245-2805.

This is not the first time white supremacist messages have been found on campus. Earlier this month, flyers were found posted on the exteriors of several university buildings.

Texas State University President Denise Trauth, condemned the flyers claiming they go against the spirit of diversity on campus. According to Trauth, an estimated 150 universities in more than 30 states have reported similar incidents over the past year.

So far, the university has not released an official statement about the flag or said if a student was responsible.