AUSTIN, Texas - For Shauna Martin eating clean isn’t just a choice, it’s a lifestyle and it's one that started with some bad news.

In 2005, on her son’s first birthday, Martin learned she - and her sister - had breast cancer and immediately began the fight of their lives.

"At that moment, literally your life flashes before your eyes. You have no idea what stage it is, how bad it is, you know nothing at that point in time. It’s pretty horrible," she said.

Over two years, several rounds of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy took its toll on her body.

"How do I make myself healthy again? Because I was really broken down from the chemotherapy and the surgeries. None of that is really healthy," she said.

Ten years ago she reached remission, but a new lease on life meant a total change was just starting.

"That journey took me to a plant-based diet. I would make myself a big 32 ounce of green juice - just all the greens that I could stuff in my juice. Everybody called it my pond water," she said.

But every drop of that pond water made a difference.

"There’s something here. I feel amazing. I’m healing faster than my counterparts," she says.

That inspired her to begin her own company, Daily Greens, to make it easier for anyone to eat and drink cleaner.

"My belief is that by getting a green juice in the hands of everybody like we’ll become a much healthier country," she said.

Daily Greens will donate $1 for every redeemed BCA coupon to Young Survival Coalition and will match every $10 donation made when you text DGPINK to 50555.