NATIONWIDE – While more than 1 million people will pack into Times Square on December 31, 2018, to watch the lowering of the crystal ball, plenty of cities across the country will be lowering other items to welcome 2019, and some are pretty strange. 

• Times Square ball weighs more than 11,000 pounds
• 2,688 crystals cover the Times Square ball
• Other items dropped across the U.S. include an acorn, pickle, drag queen, flea

Here are a few items lowered that may raise your eyebrows:

1. Possum Drop: Tallapoosa, Georgia. In this small town located about 80 miles west of Atlanta, formally known as “Possum Snout,” they pay homage to their old town name by lowering a stuffed possum named Spencer at midnight. A similar event was held in a small, western North Carolina town that featured a live possum, but ended in 2017.

2. Chili Drop: Las Cruzes, New Mexico. In the middle of Plaza de Las Cruces, lights illuminated in the shape of a gigantic chili pepper are lowered during the countdown to midnight.

3.  Key Drop: Frederick, Maryland. The event, hosted by The Civitan Club of Frederick, features a 5-foot-tall key that is lowered during the countdown. The tradition is an homage to Francis Scott Key, who wrote the Star Spangled Banner, and is from the town.

4. Wrench Drop: Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania. A tradition that started in 2003 commemorates the town's founders and first began as an Eagle Scout project.

5. Pickle Drop: Mt. Olive, North Carolina. In a small town that holds an annual pickle festival, a 3-foot-tall glowing pickle is lowered during the countdown to midnight at the intersection of Cumber Street. and Vine Street.

6. Potato Drop: Boise, Idaho. Now in its sixth year, thousands of people fill the streets of downtown Boise, spanning the Grove Plaza through the 8th street promenade, as a 17-foot-long “potato” is lowered to ring in the New Year.

7. Bologna Drop: Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  The event first started in 1997 and originally featured one gigantic 200-pound tube of Lebanon Bologna. In recent years, the tradition has featured a cage filled with 20 10-pound blocks of bologna. After the event, the bologna is distributed to local nonprofit organizations to help feed the needy.

8. To-Go Cup Drop: Savannah, Georgia. In a twist, Savannah raises, instead of lowering, a giant to-go cup. The tradition pays homage to the city's laws that allow pedestrians to carry alcohol in the streets in to-go cups.

9. High-Heel Shoe Drop: Key West, Florida. Every year thousands of people gather on Duval Street to watch the drag queen known as Sushi "drop" in a giant ruby slipper.

10. Flea Drop: Eastover, North Carolina. As the clock strikes midnight, a 30-pound ceramic flea is dropped and a cannon is fired.

11. Peach Drop: Atlanta, Georgia. The tradition first began in 1989 and features an 800-pound peach.

12. Pineapple Drop: Sarasota, Florida. One of the largest New Year’s Eve celebrations in the Sunshine State celebrates the end of the old year and the beginning of the New Year by lowering a gigantic, illuminated pineapple.

13. Acorn Drop: Raleigh, North Carolina. Aside from a flea and a pickle, North Carolina is also home to an acorn drop, held in its capital city. A 1,250-pound steel acorn is lowered at midnight in the heart of downtown.