ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced new travel guidance Wednesday for people fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

“I can tell you personally, traveling for work, I really don’t appreciate having to get tested, and constantly poked and prodded just coming back home when that’s what we do at work,” said Alicia Kanous of Brockport.

The governor said domestic travelers are no longer required to quarantine or test-out within 90 days of full vaccination, but international travelers must continue to follow CDC guidelines for traveling.

“I would think it would make people feel more safe and more comfortable to travel and to start getting back out there, and whether it be business trips or visiting family, they’ll feel a lot more comfortable doing that,” said Kanous.

“For me, I’m a rule follower, so I wasn’t going anywhere and didn’t want to have to do all of that quarantining, testing, and everything,” said Kim Trobia of Gates.

Some people at the airport say having to quarantine is not a big issue.

“Me personally, I don’t have an issue with the quarantining, so I’m going to do quarantining, but I mean hey, to each its own,” said Lakenya Cotton of Rochester.

Cotton added that the pandemic had not cut down on her traveling, but it has changed how she travels.

“It’s actually putting me more so on the road. Less flights, less public transportation. I’m actually doing more road trips now,” said Cotton.

AAA tells Spectrum News there has been a huge uptick in customers over the past few weeks, with more people looking to travel.

"The travel bug is here for sure, people are coming in, the vaccination has truly opened that door to so many,” said Christopher Goerss, branch sales and operations manager for the Greece location of AAA Western and Central NY.

AAA says people are booking flights to warmer locations like Florida, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

“So we’re seeing a lot more bookings and people planning their trips, the end of this year into 2022. Six months ago, we were seeing people wanting to cancel altogether,” said Goerss.

The agency is encouraging people to plan their trips ahead of time, because travel supply and demand will be an issue as more people plan trips.