GATES N.Y. — For one group of Rochester students, the work of giving back doesn’t stop for the holidays. For Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Hillel Community Day School students were inspired in their efforts to help those in the community in need.

“We’re really helping our community and it’s really a nice thing to do,” says seventh grade student Nili Kiliminick. “We are volunteering to help out the Gates community and at school we brought in a bunch of food to help them here.”

At Gates Town Hall each student is assigned a task to sort and separate the canned from the bagged and boxed foods.

For some students, working together is important and it coincides with the theme of the drive, "What are you doing for others?"

“I love helping the community because I know people out there don’t have food and they don’t have shelter and this helps them,” said fifth grader Huvie Hirschfield.

Not only are these kids donating food to those families who are in need, they are also celebrating in Dr. King’s vision with spreading love and giving back.

“Martin Luther King was someone who wanted people to have basic rights and freedom,” says fifth grader Aaron Miller.

“He helped out in his community and made sure that it was fair,” added Kiliminick.

“It was Dr. Martin Luther King's dream to make sure that everybody was equal,” says sixth grader, Ella Manelis.