Rochester police estimate around 1,500 people took to the streets Saturday night, as protesters continue calling for justice in the death of Daniel Prude.

Police say three members of RPD were injured by projectiles thrown during the protest. They were brought to a hospital for treatment.

Some demonstrators were also hurt during the protest, telling Spectrum News there was excessive use of tear gas and chemicals by police causing the injuries.

The Rochester Police Department reports nine arrests were made during the protests. Eight were charged with unlawful assembly and one with rioting.

Additionally, one of the protesters was also charged with assault against an officer and another with criminal possession of a weapon, both of those are felony charges.

”There are a lot of eye injuries specifically because they’re pointing the rubber balls directly at people’s faces,” said Tonya Noel with Flower City Noire Collective. “A lot of people have bruises, lacerations, just from getting hit with rubber bullets.”

Spectrum News has confirmed that the Rochester Police Department does not use rubber bullets. At this time it is unknown what the protester may have been referring to during the demonstrations.

Some of the people who were hurt took cover inside the Spiritus Christi Church. Spectrum News was told people at the church helped treat some of the injured.

Demonstrators said pepper ball blasts left marks on the side of the church building.

Rochester City Council President Loretta Scott released a statement on Daniel Prude's Death and protests in the city.

”Know that I understand the anger, confusion, and betrayal felt by the community during this time,” she said. “Although tensions are high, we must ensure everybody remains safe and peaceful while protesting. I condemn any violence inflicted upon protesters, bystanders, and officers alike."