Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a television interview on Tuesday said he opposes Vermont Sen. Bernie Sander’s proposal that inmates be allowed to vote while incarcerated.

Sanders, who is mounting his second bid for the Democratic nomination for president, said at a CNN town hall event on Monday that the right to vote is “inherent” and becomes a “slippery slope” once its denied.

However, Cuomo, who has worked with Sanders on issues like college tuition and the minimum wage increase, broke with him on the issue.

“You are in prison for a felony, you’re paying your debt to society. I don’t think you should have a right to vote and participate as a full citizen,” Cuomo said in an interview on CNN’s New Day. “Once you pay your debt to society, you’re out, you’re on parole, you’re being assimilated back into society, fine, then you have a right to vote, but I totally disagree with Bernie Sanders.”

Cuomo and state lawmakers have in recent weeks sought to advance a series of criminal justice law changes, such as curtailing cash bail for misdemeanor and non-violent felony charges.

The state next year is moving forward with the closure of up to three prison facilities as well.