ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A Rochester man who confronted a gunman at the People's Choice Kitchen two and a half years ago has been honored for his life-saving actions.

Darnell Wilson found himself at the right place at the right time.

People’s Choice Kitchen was about to close for the night, but Wilson stuck around to catch up with friends. That’s when an intruder came into the restaurant and went after the owner.

“Next thing I know I hear her yelling, calling out for help,” Wilson said. “She was calling my name.”

Wilson says what happened next was just instinct, and he didn’t hesitate to jump in.

“I got face to face with the guy, no questions,” Wilson described. "[I] saw he was masked up and I just started swinging, hitting him.”

Those instincts saved not only his life, but also his friend and restaurant owner Evangela Stanley.

It also earned him a Carnegie Medal. The medal is given to people who enter extreme danger to save or attempt to save the lives of others.

People’s Choice Kitchen hosted a celebration on Sunday for Wilson. It’s something he says isn’t necessary, he just did what he hopes anyone would do in that situation.

“That’s just what I was taught,” Wilson said. “[I was] taught to help when someone is in need. My grandma raised me and she raised me right.”

In addition to the medal, Wilson received a financial grant for his bravery.