ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Women entrepreneurs in Rochester are getting a boost to help their businesses, thanks to a national organization.

The Women Who Enterprise program teaches business skills that help women advance their businesses.

“We bring together small cohorts of women who are at the same space and place in terms of culture and location and we wrap them around with love,” explains CEO Ayris Scales.

The program is part of the Walker’s Legacy Foundation, which helps women in Washington, D.C, Birmingham, Alabama and now in Rochester.

Women Who Enterprise is a three-month accelerated business training program. Using training courses and lectures, it teaches entrepreneurial skills to women of color.

“When you come out from our program, we want to make sure you have three things. You have an increase in your confidence, you have an increase in your connections and you have an increase in your coins or access to capital,” said Scales.

Program leaders say they noticed an increase in women starting their own businesses during the pandemic, as a way to balance work and personal lives, making the Women Who Enterprise course even more beneficial.

“We want to make sure the women going into entrepreneurship out of necessity or who have always thought about it, have the resources and fundamentals so they can sustain that business beyond COVID,” Scales said.

The program starts on Nov. 6.