As DMV’s across the state continue to remain closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Monroe County is expanding remote services offered by the county's DMV.

“So we know that as the weather is getting warmer, there’s a lot more different types of vehicles and things people want to get access to,” said Monroe County Clerk Jamie Romeo.

The county has been offering vehicle registration and vehicle transfers by mail since the end of March, but that service now includes registration for motorcycles, trailers, and boats.

“We really have been trying to provide some access to some slower, but some processes that we’re hoping that people will take advantage so that they can just take one last trip particularly to when DMV’s open,” said Romeo. “We know that since we’ve been closed since mid-March, there’s going to be an increase demand for people that need to come in.”

Romeo tells us the governor signed an executive order saying drivers’ licenses, id’s, registrations, and inspections that expired march first or after – have been extended indefinitely. The county clerk says county DMV staff have continued to work since the buildings closed and will continue to handle business remotely.

“I anticipate that we’ll have these mail-in options probably for a while, we’re really looking at implementing as part of our new normal going forward,” Romeo said.

If you don’t have access to a printer at home, the DMV can send you an application. You can request one by email or by calling the DMV.