Joe Bean Coffee Roasters in Rochester is celebrating eight years of award-winning success with coffee lovers around the globe.

The shop does more than just serve coffee. It roasts beans three times a week.

Owners Kathy Turiano, her son Ben and Dena Jones say there's a lot that goes into the morning brew. 

"We are really proud of the stories and the relationships that we have built with our farmers over the last eight years," said co-owner Kathy Turiano. "We do a direct trade so we negotiate directly with the farmers. We have changed our packaging; so on most of our packaging you can see the name of the farmer or the farm. We have been able to host some of our farmers here as well. We had our farmer from Guatemala here and we look forward to bringing more here for people to talk to.”

Every cup is made from beans roasted within the last day or two. There's also cold-brew and nitro coffee available in cans and kegs.

“We have a couple of different options. Our cold brew is one of our signature items. It is frothy, beautiful deliciousness," Turiano added. 

Joe Bean Coffee Roasters is located at 565 Blossom Road. The coffee bar is open 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.