Back in late August, both Monroe County and the Rochester Red Wings said it would take only a matter of weeks to finalize a tentative lease agreement for Frontier Field.

Now nearly four months later, Spectrum News has learned that a deal has yet to be hammered out.

Both sides say they're still working on it.

The president of the team says that despite not having a deal in place yet, the upcoming 2018 season is not in jeopardy.

Naomi Silver said Sunday that the county changed its position on a number of items and she claims the team has been unable to get county officials to ensure that Frontier Field will have upgrades that she says are needed by 2020.

The tentative agreement struck in August was a ten year deal with another ten year option to renew.

The Red Wings have played at Frontier Field since the late 90s.

Silver says opening the 2018 season without a lease would be unprecedented in the International League.

She went on to say, in part:

"The Red Wings are hopeful that an agreement can be reached with the County that will ensure the long term viability of Frontier Field and the Red Wings. Our commitment to this community has been evident for generations, and we hope that we will be able to provide that for future generations."

Opening Day for the Red Wings at Frontier Field is scheduled for April 6.

When asked about why negotiations have dragged on, a county spokesperson responded only with:

"The County and the team are actively negotiating the final details of the agreement and we look forward to having a long-term lease in place soon."