A Pittsford teen is getting ready to take her invention to the national stage after she placed first in a local 'Shark Tank'-style competition.

"This is the Homerun Hitter. It improves and maximizes the swing, helps keep the arm connected fully the whole entire time, builds confidence and increases the rate of home runs," said Morgan Vidal showcasing her dad wearing the product.

Vidal is not only a softball player at Pittsford Sutherland High School, but also a young entrepreneur.

Vidal invented the Homerun Hitter because she wanted improve her swinging mechanics and help others with theirs.

"When swinging the back elbow will stay connected the whole time and when you are at the whole extension. This will un-connect which proves that you have done the swing correctly."

She was able to realize her vision with the help of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

Gayle Jagel, the founder of the organization, says the goal is to teach young teens like Vidal how to create a legally registered business.

"It is really about helping young people recognize their personal potential and to help them take control of their future in a bold and powerful way."

Now Vidal will spend the next few months fine-tuning her idea before pitching it on the national stage so she can hit home runs on and off the field with the vest she invented.

"It was the most efficient way to keep the elbow tucked and to be able to add more attachments, which I potentially want to do in the future. I'm so excited to take my idea and bring it to the next level," said Vidal.

The national competition, hosted by the Saunders College of Business at RIT, will be held on August 29 in Rochester.

The winner will receive a $30,000 college scholarship.