Filmmaker Kyle Vorbach has always wanted to create films. With his fascination with both the evolution of technology and the film industry, he has created a documentary about his life that has even caught his own friends and family by surprise.

“I had to call myself Ryan Gosling person -- pale skin, blond hair, working class in New York City, upper body, detailed skin, candid moment, natural lighting, trending on Instagram,” filmmaker Kyle Vorbach said while looking through AI-generated photos of himself on his computer. “I essentially went through and went, OK, that one kind of looks at me, or whatever. This one I look really angry, but I would go off of this one. Right. It's creepy how it gets some of the details.”

Going through a tough time battling with cancer, Vorbach understood the power of technology can be an escape of reality. For one month he faked his life by using AI-documenting his experience on social media. 

“I essentially just needed a new profile picture and didn't have anyone to take it for me,” Vorbach said. “So I generated that profile picture with AI and then I started pulling on that thread and slowly lost my mind because I realized no one can differentiate between the fake stuff and the real stuff. So I was generating a whole new life. I bought a new car. I moved to a new place, got a new apartment. I met a celebrity, all completely fake with AI. And at the end of the video I reveal, of course, none of that was real.”

Using his passion in film to discuss hot topics emerging within society and technology, Vorbach has demonstrated the pros and cons of the use of AI in his film, “How I Faked My Life Using AI.”

“AI has never lived a human life,” Vorbach said. “We need to use it as a tool and not a worker. Social media is very fake and we portray these fake lives online, even though our real lives are entirely different. And I think that that's going to become even more of a divide as we move forward.”

The documentary, which has since gained much recognition online, has segwayed his career into larger opportunities such as the Tribeca Film Festival for his latest project, “Somewhere in Between.”

“It proved to me that I can make a film myself,” Vorbach said. “But in reality, it was just me sitting right here at this computer, losing my mind and, and it did pretty well. Getting to the Tribeca Film Festival was very validating because I've had a really tough past year and a half and this film was what I kind of poured myself into and to see that recognized and to see people laughing intentionally it kind of showed everything was going to be OK.”

Vorbach is looking forward to seeing the growth in not only the evolution of technology, but for his career as well.

“I'm really excited about starting a podcast on AI and the dangers of AI,” Vorbach said. “It's called ‘Pandora's Code.’ If that doesn't work out, I will work on the next thing and the next thing and the next thing until I feel properly validated.”