ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Small businesses are getting a new resource to help them survive the pandemic.

The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is offering a customizable market research and business intelligence tool called SizeUp GreaterROC.

It is designed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs assess and adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

"It’s available when small and medium businesses need it," said Mario Ubalde, SizeUp GreaterROC's director of customer success. "You are often so busy nine to five running your business that you don't have time to do this type of analysis until after hours or on weekends, when traditional help is unavailable to you. It is designed to be simple to use. The information is very powerful, but it is the same type of information that the Starbucks, the McDonald’s of the world are using. The difference is we made it to be interpreted by you, the owner and the operator. 

In the new tool, users can compare competition, identify unique market characteristics and determine how to optimize marketing efforts.