A local community group calls for separate bike and pedestrian lanes on the Queensboro Bridge.

Transportation Alternatives Queens Committee held a rally during rush hour Wednesday to count the bike and pedestrian traffic over the bridge. Organizers say that the current pathway is too narrow, and is dangerous for shared use.

They believe the South Outer roadway should be turned back into a pedestrian and bike pathway to allow for separate lanes.

"Every day, you know, you'll see conflicts of people that feel scared and will pull to the side, will wait for bikes to pass. Every once and a while I've seen people on their bikes, on the ground, an ambulance will have to come up over the bridge holding up traffic. So yeah, it definitely creates a lot of conflicts and unfortunately some of those turn into collisions and injuries," said Macartney Morris. 

A DOT spokesperson tells NY1 the agency is aware of the problem and they are are currently exploring various options. There is no timeline for developing a recommendation, as the study is ongoing.