Members of The Amateur Radio Club at The Garden School in Jackson Heights are using ham radios to help New Yorkers send messages to families in Puerto Rico.

The students started learning how to use the radios last year.

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, they say they wanted to step up.

As of Tuesday afternoon, five people have asked the students for help.

"Normally they can just give out food and water through food drives, but this actually lets them talk to a specific person, get the information out from that specific person and help a specific person out," said teacher, John Hale.

"In Puerto Rico, they don't have access to phone lines. Then we must go back to things we can rely on," said Jasmine Petrov, a senior at The Garden School.

If you'd like the club's help, you can email them at

Be sure to include your name, the name of the person you want to contact, a specific address, a phone number and a message of 25 words or less.