KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Orlando Health’s new emergency room and medical pavilion, now open in Kissimmee, is a new and closer option for many residents.

  • Orlando Health facility closer to Kissimmee residents
  • There is a new emergency room and medical pavilion 
  • Senior VP of Orlando Health: aim to bring access closer to growing communities

Suzii Miller lives up the street of the newly opened Orlando Health in Kissimmee, located on Osceola Parkway. Due to its proximity, Miller said she will now make this her hospital of choice

“I love it actually, because the community is growing so much, and people need it,” Miller said.

This is a brand-new emergency room facility for outpatient care, which will work in partnership with the Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital on Turkey Lake Road. The $48 million hospital has 24 treatment rooms and an imaging department.

The hospital also has a robot equipped with a webcam, with which specialists can evaluate patients remotely. Finally, this Kissimmee location also has a helipad onsite for anyone who may need to be transported to the Phillips Hospital in Orlando.

Thibaut Van Marcke, President of Dr. P. Phillips Hospital and Senior Vice President of Orlando Health, said, “From a population perspective, our aim is to bring access closer to, healthcare closer to people's homes and growing communities.”

The second and third floors of this building will be a medical pavilion with offices for pediatricians, OBGYNs, cardiologists, and other types of doctors. That part of the hospital will open later in January.

“I have to wait for a while to get into my specialist's office, and a lot of people are the same way,” Miller said. “So the more we have, that would cut down on the time, expenses, (and) people can get the help they need faster.”

Phase two will bring another building down the road, which will be 12 to 18 months out. That building will have more physician offices and a surgery center.