WILMINGTON, N.C.-- New Hanover Regional Medical Center has put a visitor restriction on its women and children's hospital. The restriction comes from an increase in respiratory syncytial virus diagnoses in infants this year. 

  • Doctors at the hospital say they have seen a significant increase in cases
  • They say they are trying to prevent the spread
  • One mother spent 10 days in the hospital

Doctors at the hospital say they have seen a significant increase in cases and are trying to prevent the spread. Children under 12 are not allowed inside the hospital to visit family and friends. They also ask if you have the slightest cold, to please not come to visit until they are good and healthy.

One mother, Jordin Arizmendi, spent 10 days in the hospital because her little boy had RSV. They eventually had to spend the holidays in the hospital.

"It was very upsetting to us because it was all of us together, but I knew he needed to be there. If I had gone home I would have not been able to give him what they gave him," Arizmendi said.

"It can be quite dangerous. It's required babies to be hospitalized, on ventilators and even heart-lung bypass machines so it can be quite a serious infection. We would like to limit the exposure to our children through the cold and RSV flu season this year."​

Dr. Caroll says this illness does not have a cure- however there are preventative measures such as good hand washing, not letting friends and family kiss your babies, and thoroughly disinfect if you or your little one are sick.

The restriction will remain in effect until hospital staff notices a decline in RSV cases.

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